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Thank you for choosing Ultimate Dental Lab, the digital dentistry partner for dental practices. We want sending your case to be one of the easiest parts of your professional day, which is why we optimized our case submission process. Getting your traditional or digital case on its way only takes a few minutes, because every resource you may need is compiled in one convenient location.


Step One

Choose your Preferred Type of Case

Send a Traditional Case

With our step-by-step process, you can get your traditional cases to our laboratory right away. Rx forms, shipping labels, local pickup request, and a case scheduler are all located within the following steps.

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Send a Digital Case

Ultimate Dental Lab is committed to staying at the forefront of digital dentistry. We accept scans from most major intraoral scanners.

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Step Two

Download Rx Form

We provide a printable Rx form for all your cases. Simply download the form and include a completed version with your traditional impression.

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Step Three

Choose Your Delivery Method

We want to ensure your case gets to our lab quickly and securely, without causing unnecessary stress to you or your team. We provide free local pickup and delivery, as well as free USPS shipping labels to any clinicians who fall outside our local zone. Provide us with your Zip Code to see if you qualify.


Step Four

You're Finished!

We hope you found this case submission process easy and stress-free. The next time you send your case to Ultimate Dental Lab, we invite you to pick and choose the resources you need from the Send a Case menu above. There you can print Rx forms, shipping labels, and schedule local pickup anytime you need.

Optional: Schedule Your Case

Our team prides ourselves on punctual cases. We know punctuality is a key factor in patient satisfaction and that a late case can greatly interfere with your practice's workflow. We offer a convenient case scheduling calendar, which will calculate when your case will be returned to your practice. Simply provide us with your case information and we will let you know when you can expect your restoration to arrive.

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