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Denture Repair Queens & Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk)

  At Ultimate Dental Lab in New York, we understand how important your dentures are to you. Please call us right away when your denture breaks or if a tooth comes off the denture at The Ultimate Dental Lab Phone Number 718.591.3444.  “How soon can you be here?” is often what you will hear at the other end of the phone. The experts at Ultimate Dental Lab will repair your broken denture professionally in their in house denture lab, While-U-Wait! Some dentures, especially those that have been worn for many years, may need to be replaced if they are cracked or broken. The friendly, experienced team at Ultimate Dental Lab is always happy to help with any denture problem, whether they need to be repaired or replaced.

DIY Denture Repair?

PLEASE, NEVER try to fix your dentures yourself because you may cause irreparable damage that will ruin them permanently. Those that try over the counter products or toxic crazy glue and those that try you tube “do it yourself instructions”, often wind up having to replace their dentures entirely. Also, it’s not a good idea to wear damaged dentures, as this can lead to oral health problems and discomfort. Furthermore, non-toxic materials, as well as the experience and knowledge to fix and adjust the damaged denture correctly is needed. So never glue your cracked or broken denture or loose denture tooth.

Denture Rebase & Repairs

Rebasing may be recommended when the teeth of your denture are still in good condition and have not worn out in comparison to the denture base material. Rebasing is the process of replacing the entire acrylic denture base providing a stable denture without replacing the denture teeth. A rebase for a denture may be required if your denture is old or is cracked. A rebase is very similar to relining, the difference being that a rebase replaces all the pink-acrylic denture base material instead of just the lining. Reasons for the rebase procedure may include: Broken or damaged denture Weakened or old pink denture base Replacement of an immediate denture

Denture Repairs

A variety of circumstances can lead to a damaged denture and should be addressed immediately. Repairs restore a fractured or damaged denture close to its original condition. Ultimate Dental Lab can often provide denture repair procedures on a same day basis. Our doctors have years of experience and will advise you of the condition of your denture and will recommend steps needed in preventing further breakage.

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