Ultimate Dental Lab provides value-added services that help ensure the highest level of success for every case. Our team of experts will gladly assist you in achieving high satisfaction for every patient.

Shade Matching

We are pleased to be able to provide shade matching for all our clients. Our highly-skilled team at Ultimate Dental Lab understand the intricacies of this process and are able to give all restorations the extreme esthetics that come with exceptional shade matching. You can be confident in letting one of our experts shade match your client, as they will provide professional and friendly service.

Reline and Repair

Partially edentulous and edentulous patients are at risk of rapid bone loss. To ensure optimal fit and comfort for your patient, frequent adjustments need to be made to their full and partial dentures. Our skilled technicians can adapt your patient’s existing appliance to perfectly fit the changing anatomy of their edentulous mouth. Relines and repairs maintain the strength and integrity of the structural material of the prosthesis.