4 Benefits to Zirconia Over a Porcelain Crown

Clinicians often struggle with the question: Which material should they choose when restoring a tooth? The major factors that may influence the final choice are the aesthetics and the strength of the prosthetics. Zirconia and porcelain crowns are two of the most popular materials, but a zirconia crown is almost always the better choice. Keep reading to see the top 4 benefits:

Top 4 Benefits to Zirconia Over a Porcelain Crown

 1. One of the benefits and advantages is the esthetic appearance of a zirconia crown, as they provide a more natural look than porcelain. With Zirconia crowns you can choose variable angles for your teeth between which your teeth will rest comfortably.

2. Porcelain can chip or crack from heavy biting pressures during chewing. Zirconia has the advantage of being stronger and more durable. Porcelain-fused-to-metal may be less expensive. However, because of the metal composition, the gum line may appear grey over the crown.

3. Another benefit for Zirconia is it can be delivered faster to the patient: in most cases, ceramic will take weeks and sometimes months while zirconia can be delivered within the same day.

4. Zirconia has a higher resistance to abrasion and dentin sensitivity and can withstand more forceful chewing than porcelain. Zirconia has the same tooth-like appearance as natural teeth. However, it is not natural to the structure of the dental enamel because it contains zinc oxide which does not occur naturally in nature.

Biocompatibility makes zirconia a popular choice among dentists since it’s unlikely to cause the body to react or produce an immune response, such as inflammation.

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