We have worked with dozens of local dentists in New York City. Whether they were new to the field or experienced we were always curious as to what tips they would offer to a new dentist in the area. Here are the top 5  tips that we heard again and again, and are sure to help you succeed.

1. Establish your online reputation

The world is changing and new dentists must change with it. Establishing your online reputation is essential to succeed in the coming years. The process is not so complicated. You must have a clear and easy-to-use website. You also must ensure that you get online reviews. Why is this so important? In today’s world, everyone searches for reviews before they make a decision. If you can be found online, with a strong website and online reputation then you can guarantee that you will have new patients coming your way.


2. Decide if you want to start a practice or join one

There are benefits to both, either starting your own dental clinic or joining an existing one. Starting your own one can be difficult but very rewarding if done the right way. However, when you join an existing clinic you have the opportunity to learn from those who have more experience than you. 


3. Use  local dental laboratory

Your job as a new dentist is to focus on the most important thing, proving the highest quality treatments to your patients. Starting your career is never easy and in dentistry, it’s no different. One of the ways you can optimize your clinic is by outsourcing to a local dental lab for dentures, veneers, implants and all dental prosthetics. This can help to save you costs and provide the highest quality service possible


4. Stay up to date with new technology

With the rapid pace of technology, it is vital that you utilize everything you have at your resources.

The technology is always changing with new X-rays machines, new teeth whiteners, and new tools and equipment. Patients enjoy being treated with the finest technology and services available and you can make that happen by being prepared and staying up to date.


5. Provide the highest quality service possible

Dentistry is a competitive field of medicine to get into. That is why you have to put your patients first at all times. This means fast care, this means having a clean and professional clinic. This means always making them feel like they are the number 1 patient and you know and care about them. Building relationships is key and soft skills should never be taken for granted.


Being a new dentist in the New York area is not easy, but it is not impossible. By following our simple 5 steps you can make sure that you are at the top and build your dental clinic into a thriving and successful business.

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